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AONGRC Program Description

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AONGRC Accomplishments

  • Measuring and Predicting Reservoir Heterogeneity in Complex Deposystems - Completed studies of the Big Injun sandstone in West Virginia and the Rose Run sandstone in Ohio. Produced a book on the Rose Run in Ohio, two West Virginia Geological Survey publications on the Big Injun, and other articles and reports
  • The Atlas of Major Appalachian Gas Plays - 200-page compendium of maps and descriptions of key gas fields in each of 30 gas plays in the Appalachian region. Also produced a companion database with information on more than 5,100 individual gas reservoirs
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AONGRC Benefits to West Virginia and the Nation

  • Next to coal, the natural gas industry is the second largest energy employer in West Virginia, and 49 of the State's 55 counties produce natural gas
  • New approaches to analyzing gas resources have led to more accurate calculations of the nation's known and potential gas resources, including unconventional resources such as low-permeability "tight" gas reservoirs, gas trapped in shales, and coalbed methane - also abundant in West Virginia
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Current AONGRC Projects

  • Geologic Play Book for Trenton Black River Appalachian Basin Exploration
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Past AONGRC Projects

  • Coal Mine Methane
  • Preferred Upstream Management Practices Project
  • Reservoir Characterization
  • Secondary Natural Gas Recovery
  • Tertiary Oil Recovery Information System (TORIS) Database
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  • Continue to identify industry partners for secondary gas recovery projects and coal mine methane projects
  • Increase workshops to help solve technical problems faced by industry
  • Create industry consortia to solve regional research problems
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AONGRC Stakeholders

  • Oil and gas trade associations in seven states; regional professional societies
  • Oil and gas exploration and production companies, service companies, and gas storage and pipeline companies
  • Coal mines
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